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DOG KNIGHTS 'FALL' SALE - 25 Records w/ A Minimum Of 50% Discount!

Sale starts 28th October - 3rd November ***extended to 10th November while we're away on holiday!***


Disembarked - Nothing’s Wrong Here 12” LP - 180 Gram Black /100 *gatefold cover*

Dowsing - LP III 12” LP - 180 Gram Black /150

Elle - She 12" LP - Black /350

Elle - Ellipsis 12” LP - Black /300 *mirror-board cover*

Every Stranger Looks Like You 12” LP - Bluest Shade Of Black 12” LP - 180 Gram Black /100

Fog Lake - Captain 12” LP - Black /300

Heaven In Her Arms - Erosion Of The Black Speckle 2x12” LP - Black /300

Lirr - God’s On Our Side; Welcome To The Jungle 12” LP - Black /850

Lord Snow - Shadowmarks 12” MLP - Black /400

The New Harmony - Song And Rhyme Answers... 7" EP - Black /100

Shin Guard - 2020 12” LP - Black /300

Shirokuma - Clothes I Wear For The Space I’m In 12” LP - Black /300

Slow Bloom - Hex Hex Hex 12” EP - Black /300 *etched B-Side*

State Faults - Resonate Desperate 12” LP - Black /300

Storm{O} - Finis Terrae 12" LP - Black /400 *gatefold cover*

Trachimbrod - Leda 12” LP - Black /300


Bloody Knees - Stitches 12” EP - Transparent Yellow /350

Dikembe - Hail Something 12” LP - Transparent Green /200

Dowsing - LP III 12” LP - Ultra-Clear w/ Black Centre /350

Every Stranger Looks Like You 12” LP - Blue/Black Mix /200

Foxes - Organic Vessels 12” LP - Aquamarine Blue w/ Red & Black Splatter /350

Iris - Iris 12” EP - Hot Pink/Cream Mix /100

Nai Harvest / Playlounge - Flower Split 12” EP - Orange /500, Hot Pink /500 - This record is shaped like a flower!

No Omega - Culture 12” LP - Clear w/ Smoke /100, White /300 *gatefold cover*

Nudes - Nudes 12” LP - Half Transparent Yellow/Half Solid Blue Split /200

The Obsessives - The Obsessives 12” LP - Transparent Orange/Gold Swirl /300

Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb The Universe 12” EP - Clear w/ Brown & White Splatter /350 *screened B-Side)

Playlounge / Doe / Johnny Foreigner / Doctrines - 4-Way Split 12" EP - Orange /250

Rough Hands - Let Me Win Your Hearts And Minds 12” LP - Murky Green /150

Sans Visage - Moments 12” LP - Maroon /300

Setsuko - The Shackles Of Birth 12" LP - Clear /200

Simmer - Paper Prisms 12” LP - Pale Blue /150, White /150

Slow Bloom - Hex Hex Hex 12” EP - Red /300 *etched B-Side*

Yotsuya Kaidan - Too Sad To Tell You 7" EP - Yellow /100

You’ll Live - Moving Past This 12” LP - Blue/White/Brown Tri-colour /250, Blue w/ White & Brown Splatter /250


We’ve just settled into our new flat in Leipzig and things are relatively chill right now. With just one new release coming up before the end of 2019, it felt like a good time to go through all active stock in both our UK and German stores. Our conclusion: Let’s have the first Dog Knights sale for the first time in ages! Like with most label sales; we need to clear as much space as possible for upcoming releases, and there’s a huge one (DK139) coming up soon. My Dad is storing so many old boxes in his house, and our new basement is apparently ‘not suitable for storing records in’ (which we should have expected) so we’d love to shift some older stock ASAP.

The focus is on black vinyl that we have a lot of, but 14 titles on coloured vinyl are also included in the sale! But please note all the following points too:

Everything has been marked down to a MINIMUM of 50% OFF

Some releases will take a while to sell out, but others are down to the last few copies, and a few will be taken out of the sale once we’ve ‘sold enough’

The sale is available in both our stores and we of course ship worldwide, in £’s at and in €’s from - but most orders will likely be shipped from Germany due to where the stock is currently situated (but all UK-based orders will naturally be shipped from the UK store)

Accurate shipping costs can still be a hassle to work out, especially with the larger orders. We’re always attempting to give the cheapest rates but 10% of every sale (including shipping) goes to limitedrun/paypal. If you want cheaper shipping, email and you can make the payment directly and save a few £/€’s!

Like with the previous point ^ if anything seems wrong at all, or you want to place a larger order, email and I’m sure we can make this happen. You’ve just got to agree to cover all shipping costs as standard

We will likely throw in a FREE RECORD if you take at least a couple of items from the sale

Please go through our bandcamp and listen to as much of our music for free as possible, I’m sure you’ll find at least something that you like. Maybe take a risk on a new band and get a great record for super cheap. Any help with sharing would be hugely appreciated too. Extreme thank you’s to everyone!

All orders placed through the Dog Knights store come with free flyers, stickers and digital download codes whenever possible. The more you order; the more free stuff you get.

All orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours unless it is a pre-order item. In that case, read the item description carefully and check the social network pages for updates.

If you believe your order has gone missing or arrives damaged by your mail carrier, please email Any rude customers will be ignored.

If you have been charged too much for postage, send an email to receive a partial refund. Please note that postage costs include PayPal fees/packing costs.

Please read the FAQ section for more information.

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