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DK129: Lord Snow - Shadowmarks 12" MLP - Purple /100, Black /400 DK129


Lord Snow - Shadowmarks 12" MLP

I've wanted to properly release something with Lord Snow, ever since featuring them and their ridiculously good cover of 'Amherst Pandemonium Pt. 1' on the Orchid tribute that we released back in 2013. These 5 new songs are honestly some of our favourite's from the band; so raw, passionate, technical, savge... Although this 'mini LP' is a bit shorter than we'd all hope, it's a truly engrossing listen that never really lets up. We're sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Stream it in full, now!

Co-released with our friends Adagio830.


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They've Clearly Made the Most of it
Aranea Ienith
Shallan Davar
Wolfman and Bilo

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Pressing Information

First pressing of 600. All orders come with an immediate download of the full MLP and a full-sized lyric sheet.

1st Press
Purple /100 (Dog Knights Exclusive)
Green /100 (Adagio830 Exclusive)
Black /400

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