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LHL011: Kid, Feral - Live And Let's Die! - Limited Cassette LP /100 LHL011


Kid, Feral - Live And Let's Die! - Limited Cassette LP /50

'Live and Let's Die!' is an album about growing and developing, as well as the experience of losing a few people (including my best friend) during my formative years.

It's not a depressive album however, it was born out of the need to explore an unsatiated hunger for the world and for new experiences. It's about the thrill of taking chances and going outside your comfort zones, the building up of courage to find your place in the world, the pain of loss and how I used it to build myself up again.

In a lot of ways it's a childish album. I don't write lyrics in metaphors and pretty allegory, which fit the kind of honest aggression we try to channel with the instrumentals. Musically we also wanted to break some screamo taboos and go for some big no-no's such as piano and guitar solos. We'd be more than thrilled if we can inspire bands to be more compositionally daring within the genre, and really see what new directions screamo can be taken in the future.

*Limited to 100 copies; Light Pink /25, Clear Orange /25, Clear Blue /25, Clear Yellow /25

*We only have a few of each variant, the majority will be saved for their upcoming EU tour w/ Push!


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Pressing Information

First edition of 100. All copies come with an immediate download of the full album.

1st Press
Light Pink /25
Clear Orange /25
Clear Blue /25
Clear Yellow /25

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