DK Distro: 10"s / 12"s - All Individually Priced (A - M)

Dog Knights Distro: 12's (A - Z)

American Nightmare - American Nightmare - White /1000 - Embossed Gatefold Cover

Ancst - Moloch - Green /?

Baton Rouge - Fragments Deux Memes - Black ?

Beau Navire - Hours - Black /1000

Beau Navire - Lumens - Cokebottle Clear Green w/ Bone Centre /1000



Boneflower - I'll Be The Bones, You'll Be The Soul - White/Black marble /? - Black on Black Screened Cover

Boneflower - Empty Rooms Full Bodies - Blue/White Split /500

BOYSETSFIRE - The Day The Sun Went Out - Black /?

Capacities - The Unexamined Life - Pink Marble - All w/ Screen-printed B-sides /500

Carson Wells - No Relic - Black /?

Cassus - This Is Dead Art; This Is Dead Time; But We May Still Live Yet 12" LP - Black /500

City of Caterpillar - Driving Spain Up A Wall - Black /850 - Super Thick Cover, Booklet

Cloud Rat - Cloud Rat - Black /500

Cloud Rat - Moksha - Black /500

Cloud Rat / Xtra Vomit - Split - Black /500

Cloud Rat - Qliphoth - Black /?

Contractions - Demain Est Annulé - Yellow /? - Members of BATON ROUGE

Dawn Ray'd - A Thorn, A Blight - Clear /500

DIAT - Positive Energy - Black /?

Envy / Love - A Tribute To envy feat. Respire, Gillian Carter, Shizune, Beast Jesus etc. - Black vinyl w/ black or white ink screened onto discobag covers /300

Failures - Decline and Fall - Clear /?

Fucked Up - Year Of The Hare - Black /2048

Gillian Carter - ...This Earth Shaped Tomb - Black /300

Graf Orlock - Crime Traveler - Black /? - Folded Newspaper Cover

Graf Orlock - Destination Time Yesterday - 180 Gram Cokebottle Green /? - Deluxe Die-cut Suitcase Cover

Heaven In Her Arms / Cohol - Split - Black /300

Heaven In Her Arms - White Halo - Black /300

Hoax - Hoax - 180 Gram Black /500 - Comes with huge booklet

I Love Your Lifestyle - I Love Your Lifestyle - Green /500 *Last copy, has creased corner

Infant Island - Infant Island - Black /300

In The Hearts Of Emperors - White Cities Are Breeding In Your Wound - 180 Gram Black /?

June Paik - June Paik I - Black /500

June Paik - June Paik II - Black /500

Killie / Swarrrm - Split - Red w/ Black Smoke /300

Kishote - Bis Deine Hulle Bricht - White w/ Screened B-Side /? - Screened Die-cut Cover

Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort / Dolcim / Men As Trees / Dying In Motion - 4-Way Split - Black/500

Lich / Resurrectionists - Split - Black w/ Screened Gatefold Cover /?

Light Bearer - Beyond The Infinite: The Assembly of God - Black w/ Screened B-Side, Printed Inners /500

Light Bearer / Northless - Split - Black w/ Thick Gatefold Cover /1000

Light Bearer - Act One: Lapsus 2xLP - 180 Gram Black w/ Thick Reverse-Board Gatefold Covers, Printed Inners /1000

Light Bearer - Act Two: Silver Tongue 2xLP - 180 Gram Clear w/ Black Smoke, Thick Reverse-Board Gatefold Cover, Printed Inners /500?

Lirr - Ritual - White w/ Screened B-Side /300

Lord Snow - Solitude - Black /400

Lord Snow / Afterlife Kids - Split Black /?

Monplaisir - The Agreement - Black /? - Members of SPORT

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