DK092: Gillian Carter - Dreams of Suffocation 12" LP - Purple /250, Orange /250 DK092


Gillian Carter - Dreams of Suffocation 12" LP

Rivera composed this record in the wake of loss. Dreams of Suffocation stands as an auditory dedication to his late dog Mazy. Only one track really broadcasts itself as an eulogy, the interlude “Rest in Peace.” Underscored by Oriza’s watery organ chords, this dirge holds no stanzas hostage, but instead lets Rivera’s repeated guitar swells wash over the crushing absence of words. As the penultimate track we’re offered here, it seems to be the perfect opposition to its follower, “Discouragement (Better Luck Next Year).” Over standard-grade erratic percussion and equally fiery production, Rivera exclaims over a stubborn guitar trickling, “I’ve willingly given away everything for this & now there's nothing to show for it.” While the object of his claim is vague, the proof intended for it is clear. Gillian Carter’s latest full-length is a perfect swan song for a bygone friend. What Rivera has given is everything this two-piece could want to show -- brilliant, heartbreaking songwriting ransacked by dismay -- to portray how deeply this parting glance needed to be extended. - James Cassar


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Remembering Her The Way She Was (Alive)
Sparks to the Sky
Fragments of a Eulogy
(Fuck Everything) One Day I'll Die
This Title Means Nothing
Rest In Peace 2012 Interlude
Discouragement (Better Luck Next Year)

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Pressing Information

This record is limited to 500. All copies come with a full colour double-sided insert & download code.

Solid Purple /250
Solid Orange /250