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DK034: Epilogue Of A Car Crash…A Tribute To Orchid 12” LP / CD DK034


Epilogue of a Car Crash…A Tribute to Orchid 12” LP

I had the idea for this ambitious project back in June, 2012. Once I got the go-ahead from Jayson and Will a few weeks later, I started emailing bands to take part. After having multiple bands pull out, changes to artwork, packaging and so many other delays with bands recording, I am delighted to finally launch pre-orders for the Dog Knights tribute record to the most influential Screamo band of all time. Orchid.

There are 24 bands on this 44 minute record; 11 on side A and 13 on side B. Most of the tracks are from Chaos Is Me, Dance Tonight! and Gatefold, but there are also a few from the ‘skull’ split with Jerome’s Dream, the 6” split with CombatWoundedVeteran and the Self Titled 7”. I have put a lot of thought into this whole package, and I hope that Orchid fans will notice (and appreciate) the nice small touches.

The cover layout for the vinyl version is a complete Dance Tonight! ‘rip’. The labels and fold-out insert inspired by the Chaos Is Me record.
The CD version and Pre-order print/cover art features a re-working of Angela Davis from the Gatefold record. All artwork by Rodrigo Almanegra; who has yet again done an amazing job.

Band list
Coma Regalia, Full of Hell, For Want Of, Voyage In Coma, You’ll Live, Carrion spring, I Don’t Want to Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Piano Bastards (Crocus/Ergon Carousel), Cassus, Lizards Have Personalities, Foxes, Deer In the Headlights, Republic of Dreams, Questionable Youth, Lord Snow, Adobe Homes, Itto, !Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!, History of the Hawk, Utarid, Todos Caeran, Mahria, Innards, Sed Non Satiata


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Pressing Information

This release is limited to 500. All copies comes with a fold-out insert and a digital download code.

Black w/ White Label Test Presses /100
Transparent Blue /100 Sold Out
Transparent Red /250 Sold Out
Transparent yellow /250 Sold Out
CD /500

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