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DK Merch: Pin Badges & Patches

Dog Knights Pin Badges & Patches

- Dogs in The Throne Room Fabric Patch - White ink on black fabric, designed by Rodrigo Almanegra

- Good Boy! - Embroidered Cloth Patch - Two shades of blue on high quality embroidered patches, designed by Dustin Wyatt

- 'Daria Rip' 5-Colour Soft Enamel Pin w/ 18 track 2016 Label Sampler

The Dog Knights Productions - 2016 Label Sampler features 18 tracks taken from releases over the past 12 months, plus a few friends thrown in for good measure.

Free with the purchase of the 'Daria rip' pin badge. Also available as a 'pay what you want' download via Bandcamp.

1. Bayone - Selentino
2. Birdskulls - Ghost World
3. Blue Friend - Life!
4. Descubriendo a Mr. Mime - Mary Richardson
5. Dikembe - Just Explode
6. Dowsing - Red Legs Kicking
7. Foxes - Post-Utopia
8. Gillian Carter - Discouragement (Better Luck Next Year)
9. I Hate Sex - I Fucking Hate Sports
10. I Love Your Lifestyle - Oh, Twisted Me
11. Marietta - Pony Up!
12. Nudes - Constant Summer
13. Pipedream - Brain Cell
14. playlounge - dukowski
15. Shirokuma - Marble White
16. Simmer - Faze
17. Southtowne Lanes - Animus*
18. You’ll Live - If I Could Change This

*previously unreleased bonus track, recorded with the tracks from the give up the ghost LP

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